TrimTab provides services that help banks increase profits made from relationships with their clients.

Our services are commonly associated with manipulation of large quantities of data and embedment of analytics into frequently performed decision-making or procedural steps such as processing of loan applications, deciding on which clients to contact with a new credit card offer or pricing of deposits.

We pride ourselves on always being able to measure the commercial impact that a bank gains from deployment of our services. Typically such commercial impact is achieved through:

  • Increase of sales revenues by developing predictive models that select likely buyers, structuring appropriate product offers and executing direct cross and up-sell campaigns.

  • Profit retention by developing predictive models that recognise customers which are likely to terminate their relationships, structuring appropriate offers and executing direct communication campaigns.

  • Optimisation of product pricing, conditioning and bundling processes by developing individual customer treatment models and incorporating analytics into bank’s standard operational flow.

  • Minimising costs-of-risk by developing rating models which assign probabilities of loans becoming non-performing and optimising the relation between expected losses and expected returns.

  • Lowering requirements for capital allocation by optimising portfolios and helping banks apply and qualify for advanced risk management processes.

Our activities can be classified in three main categories: management and business consulting, implementation and implementation consulting, and education and training.

Management and Business Consulting

Management and business consulting are activities in which TrimTab consultants advise the bank and provide guidelines on the overall CRM, sales or risk management process, design and define the required process steps and communicate and align them with appropriate stakeholders.

These activities most often involve (1) the definition and development of foundation pieces such as the governance, contact policies, solicitation barometers, campaign planning grids in cases of CRM programs … (2) the definition of performance measurement, simulation of impacts and individual target setting processes (3) the design and introduction of specific customer development programs, such as individual pricing, on-boarding, retention, credit card activation or service model migration, …. and (4) the assessment and advice on selection of appropriate software and technology.

These services may also entail more strategic endeavours like (1) the design of group programs, (2) the design and definition of a process for the introduction of customer-centric sales approach in product-centric banks, and (3) the design of processes and process components required for consolidation of customer-facing (retail/corporate) and back-end (risk, finance, IT) activities.

Implementation and Implementation Consulting

TrimTab provides services that include two types of implementation, (1) the implementation of a system or a system component and (2) the implementation or development of a specific model, campaign or a program. Though these services are often provided as one, they can also be delivered separately, especially in cases of implementation of specific campaigns or risk rating models.

The implementation of a system or a system component most commonly includes activities such as identification, definition and consolidation of required data in bank’s systems, development of expert-based or predictive models, scheduling and development of measurement and tracking reports...

The implementation of specific risk rating model includes activities encompassing definitions and treatments of default events, consolidation of rating maps, development of credit scoring models, model documentation and optimising between expected approval and default rates.

The implementation of a specific campaign includes activities such as the definition and the development of campaign business case, selection of campaign target audience, development of communication method and communication channel integration, scripting of the conversation and development of campaign measurement reports.

Education and Training

Though our consultants aim to share knowledge at each engagement, we also provide specific training and education programs. Our training programs are usually focused on teaching bank’s staff how to utilise their existing technology, whilst our education programs generally pertain to explaining methodologies and customer-centric sales approach, or to the improvement of existing processes through introduction of additional process components. Each course is tailored to the bank and its particular situation and needs.