About Us

In boating, a trim tab is an adjustable flap (a tiny rudder) which is attached to a larger rudder on an ocean-liner

Trim tab is directly connected to boat’s steering through a set of leavers. When the steering turns so does the trim tab. Its new position cuts the water and pushes it onto the larger rudder which consequently also turns and changes the boat’s direction.

Speed is significant in usage of a trim tab. The faster the boat is moving, the more force is applied to the rudder, allowing the boat to turn in sharper angles.

We view our services as a metaphorical trim tab which enables banks to create disproportionally large impact through deployment of relatively small projects.

Believing in a clear distinction between a cost and an investment and being confident in our abilities to generate significant returns for our clients, we opened our doors for business in the midst of the ‘cost-cutting era’ at the start of 2012.

Though the company was newly formed, our personal reputations were well established and we were immediately called into action and begun to provide services for our clients across Central and Eastern Europe. In doing so, we always pursued to understand our clients’ business objectives and provided services that generate a tangible and measurable impact on these objectives.

Our motivation is to build long standing win-win relationships with our clients and to establish ourselves as a trusted partner to banks across the region. We understand that is only possible if each of our projects delivers their sought-after values.